CAMBRIDGE, Allan Bowles

Allan Bowles Cambridge
Artist, Photographer. 
Kaiapoi, later Christchurch

born circa 1847 or 1849, reg. March quarter 1849 Downham vol. 13 page 82, fourth son of Hannah Hastings and Frederick Cambridge (Farmer/Gentleman), of South Runcton, Norfolk, England, baptised 18 February 1849 Longham, Norfolk, England, arrived New Zealand before 1869, died 5 April 1911, Merivale, Christchurch aged 62 years, reg.  1911/4660, buried 6 April 1911, block 1548, Barbadoes Cemetery, Christchurch.

Press, Volume XV, Issue 2071, 4 December 1869


Press, Volume XIX, Issue 2821, 17 May 1872

Fine Arts. — Those who feel an interest in the progress of art in Canterbury would do well to pay a visit to the studio of Mr A. B. Cambridge, Portrait Painter, and colourist in oils, Hereford street.

Although Mr Cambridge is not fully settled down to work in his new premises, there is sufficient to well repay the trouble of inspection. Mr Cambridge was a pupil of Ambrosini Jerome, A.R.A., portrait painter to H.R.H the late Duchess of Kent and previous to coming to this province, attained to no inconsiderable distinction in his profession. His pictures have been admitted to exhibition at the Royal Academy — in itself no slight proof of talent — and he also holds a medal, gained at the Wisbeach Industrial and Fine Art Exhibition of 1866. He is now chiefly devoting his attention to the colouring in oils of large photographs, and it would be difficult if not impossible to conceive anything more finished and beautiful than the results which he has secured in this respect, as shown by portraits of several prominent citizens. There is a delicacy of colouring in the finer details, and a complete naturalness throughout, which cannot fail to command admiration from the most critical observer. But whilst portrait colouring is, according to the nature of the demand, monopolising the greater portion of Mr Cambridge's time, figure painting from life or copy is by no means neglected. The bust of a Neapolitan boy, and a copy of the celebrated picture "The Widow's Mite," are in themselves sufficient evidence of this.

Though comparatively new to Christchurch, Mr Cambridge has already secured a good circle of patrons, and, as a comparison of his works with those of the best Australian artists is allowed by competent judges to be in his favour, there can be little doubt that as he becomes known, he will secure an extensive connection. Another interesting feature brought under notice by a visit to his studio, will be the inspection of what are known as the Alhambra picture frames, which are of a very rich design, and manufactured throughout by Mr Fisher, who has succeeded to the business of Mr Steele.
Star, Issue 1322, 22 May 1872, Page 2

Press, Volume XXIII, Issue 2943, 26 January 1875

 Press, Volume XXIII, Issue 3034, 13 May 1875

Lyttelton Times, Volume XLIII, Issue 4445, 13 May 1875

The late Sergeant-Major Kerr. — There is now on view at Mr P. W. Hutton's an excellent half-length portrait, in oils, of the late Sergeant-major Kerr, by Mr A. B. Cambridge, of Christchurch. The likeness is a most excellent one, and the artist has very happily caught tho genial yet manly expression of the late well-known and equally well-liked Volunteer Instructor. Mr Cambridge brought the portrait to Timaru thinking that the Volunteers here would like to obtain it as a memento of their respected companion in arms. We understand that the force have its purchase under consideration, but have not yet decided upon the matter.
Timaru Herald, Volume XXXI, Issue 1615, 24 November 1879

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